Our Fantastic Bloggers

Life is a work-in- progress. We here at “Fantastic” strive every day to make our lives fantastic and, with this blog, we are documenting that journey. Our mission is to:

  • Add some creativity to life without buying out the local craft store or spending hours learning new skills.
  • Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle without making that a full time job.
  • Explore the world to gain new perspectives and engage with as many new friends as possible.

Charli Kinerk

Featured Writer – does most of the Travely posts

I love traveling the world. I was a special education teacher for 27 years. Now I’m retired, my kids are grown, and I’m trying to check off as many destinations on my bucket list as I possibly can. Join me on my adventure!

Kate Contreras

Featured Writer- Does most of the Healthy posts & the mom life stuff

I want to create a space to uplift women (especially moms because we all need extra of that), make working out and healthy living easier and fun, along with sharing fun and creative outings and home craft projects to do with kids.

Traci Kinerk

Featured Writer- Does most of the Crafty stuff

I am a crafter. That sounds so weird to say. I have never actually considered myself a crafter even though I owned an adult crafting studio for 3 years, I’ve been a soap maker for 20+ years, I knit, I make paper, I do string art, I make stencil signs, and I grew up crafting. So yeah, I guess that all makes me a crafter. Even with all that though, I don’t know that I would really call myself “crafty”. I just like to make stuff. So maybe instead of calling myself a crafter I will say I’m a stuff maker. Yes! That sound much more like me!